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Well, you've certainly improved since 2005. Not saying this is bad, don't get me wrong.

Oh noez!

Oh no... Matt and Natt are... dead?! D: Of course I know they're not. I mean, Lance hasn't even joined the party yet.

Sweet Lemonade!

Shut up woman, get on my horse! That was pretty much the funniest line I've ever heard. XD

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Been a long time since your last flash, glad to see you made a few more! Good to have ya back.

Kajio responds:

It's good to be back, baby!

@Adorable Bunny: It's one of Nat's limits.

@ThatTankThing: I think your problem MIGHT be that you're deleting your cookies in your browser. Whenever you do a thorough deletion of history/cookies, it'll take out all your saves, too. So be careful.

And now for the real review! As far as games go, in general, this one is a complete and total work of art. Hands down, the very best flash game I've played on newgrounds... and probably any other site, too. With EBF4 in the works, I decided to replay this a little... then I once more got swept up in its epic scale, simplistic yet fun gameplay, and HalcyonicFalcon's incredible music. If EBF4 is even a tenth as good as this, it'll be better than almost every game on NG. Keep up the great work, I'm looking forward to it!

Easily the Best Platformer on NG

Though I agree that nerfing the fire monoliths a bit would be good, I still think this is an amazing platformer, hands down the best one I've ever experienced on NG, the RPG elements mixed in well with the encouragement to find treasure to gain more bonuses. I look forward to more of your work in the future!

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Completely Beautiful

Simply amazing. It reflects the wicked looks of the final boss, and the challenge he presents.... at least I think it's a he... anyway, my favorite bit in the song is the bit after 3:06 where it really picks up the pace. The entire song gave me chills. I'm looking forward to more like this in the future!

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My input!

Well, 1,428 Dead Space references later...

I really enjoy your artwork. I stumbled upon this looking on another page for updates on a popular flash series... dunno if I should mention it... but having seen this, I immediately pored through most of your other artwork. Absolutely stunning, in all the right ways. It's doubtful you can top this, but don't let that stop you from trying! Keep up the great work!

frozen-scumbag responds:

Thank you very much :)

Not much to tell. Try to guess!

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