Entry #2

Can anyone help me out?

2011-04-19 23:22:14 by Dracon204

I'm looking for some good Newgrounds RPG's, preferably with medals to add to my meager collection. Does anyone know any good ones I could look up?


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2011-04-19 23:28:04

try the :pstwrpg"
its awesome.!

Dracon204 responds:

Lol wow... XD That was epic.


2011-04-20 01:27:53


Epic Battle Fantasy 2 is a pretty cool RPG. I don't really know of many others but you could just browse that page if you want.

Dracon204 responds:

Thanks. I actually played all three EBF games, and beat them. All of them are pretty fun!


2011-06-18 08:22:47

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